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About Golden Steampunk

The Golden Steampunk clothing and accessory collections are inspired by the Imperial Victorian lifestyle of a bygone era. We have created romantic and beautifully detailed garments for the Neo Victorian Lady and the elegant Steampunk Dandy.Our clothing emporium will stock long flowing steampunk dresses, regal jackets, tops and skirts in rich brocades, dark velvets and luscious lace. They will be co-ordinated with a variety of accessories including gloves, steampunk parasols, feather trimmed hats, bustles and ruffles.For the Gentlemen, we will stock a range of elegant tailored coats, fancy waistcoats with matching cravats, frilled shirts and high waisted trousers. Our accessories will include plain and trimmed felt top hats, bowlers, gloves and goggles.Original fashion couture, manufactured in the UK.